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The passion, drive and commitment from Steve Gale is infectious and filters down throughout his entire team.
Mr Scott Stanley Director of Sport Hurlingham School

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Secretary Stacy Gale
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School Club Provision

Pre Morning Clubs

Our pre morning clubs may offer additional support for breakfast clubs or can be used as a sports specific club. We have lots of pre morning clubs across SW London which prove to be very popular including – Early morning Fitness, Running Club, Street Dance, Skill stations, Netball and many more.

Lunch Time Provision

We encourage invasive play for children in schools and see this as an integral part of their learning from foundation onwards! We design zoning for schools reinforcing games taught through PE or sports developed in your school. Staff in – service is certainly necessary to enhance the understanding of general play at Lunchtimes with correct zoning and existing free play games.

Afterschool Clubs

Afterschool Clubs can be used for general Multiskill development or creating teams for competition. We love to create teams across the year groups to promote teamwork, game understanding, mental skills and overall technical, functional development.

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Competition for Schools

We host competitions for schools and cross borough links from State to Independent Schools. If your School teams relishes a challenge why not compete across your borough or County with our competition schedule for the Academic year or one off entry.

Contact Dominic Best – Competitions Coordinator for Lambeth Schools – – 07930 – 473414

Please fill out our online competition form below: