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The passion, drive and commitment from Steve Gale is infectious and filters down throughout his entire team.
Mr Scott Stanley Director of Sport Hurlingham School

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Secretary Stacy Gale
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Schools / Teachers

We provide a number of schools with PE support and sports development sessions. Does your school require P.P.A cover? Or PE support alongside a class teacher, we can advise on the needs of your school going forwards into 2017.

Our lesson plans are a copyright of SG Sports Coaching LTD but can be used as an extra learning resource for schools. Digital plans are updated termly and sent out to all PE coordinators within our contracted schools. Visual digital pictures are created to help teachers digest the sessions more effectively through visual learning and can be easily understood by all.

Planning includes the following, Invasion games, Striking and fielding, Net and wall, Gymnastics, Athletics. We also incorporate good warm – up activities to develop good functional movement and help the enhancement of the a,b,c,s. Our aim is to promote and develop our traditional games such as Football, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Tennis and Athletics as well as giving children taster games that they have never played before such as Basketball, Table tennis, Volley ball, Futsal, Handball and many more.

SG Sports also provides Dance and Gymnastics across schools which has had a positive impact on competition and extra-curricular pathway into localised clubs.

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P.P.A. Coaching School Club Prevision