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The passion, drive and commitment from Steve Gale is infectious and filters down throughout his entire team.
Mr Scott Stanley Director of Sport Hurlingham School

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Secretary Stacy Gale
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SG Digital Planning

We use software from Academy Soccer Coach who are established as an essential resource across the world!

Our interactive digital session plans are a copyright of SG Sports Coaching LTD and are designed with visual imagery to enable better understanding for Teachers and Coaches delivering sessions in Schools.

Individual sessions plans can be designed at any time and are evaluated termly to ensure we are providing pupils with expert, intensive coaching support.

This can be used as an additional resource in your schools and can be accessed by an iPad or iPhone to refer to at your own convenience.

Coaches at every level now use digital coaching software and our expert knowledge in specific sports will help your staff to raise their confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport.

We provide schools full access to our lesson plans, CPD training and provide high quality resources to improve your school sports provision.

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